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"I worry about my child and the Internet all the time, even though she's too young to have logged on yet. Here's what I worry about. I worry that 10 or 15 years from now, she will come to me and say 'Daddy, where were you when they took freedom of the press away from the Internet?'" --Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Freenet 0.4 snapshots are available

There are daily Linux snapshots, and occasional Windows snapshots available here.

Latest News

November 1st, 2001, Freenet T-Shirts available

You can now order a cool Freenet T-Shirt online from Jinx Hackwear featuring Hops, Freenet's small furry mascot. A percentage of every purchase goes towards the Freenet project. Order them here. Also, if you think you can come up with an interesting design for a Freenet T-shirt, let us know.

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