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We have set-up a non-profit corporation to advance the interests of the Freenet project. The mission statement of Freenet Project Inc is as follows:

The specific purpose of this corporation is to assist in developing and disseminating technological solutions to further the open and democratic distribution of information over the Internet or its successor electronic communication networks or organizations. It is also the purpose of this organization to guarantee consenting individuals the free, unmediated and unimpeded reception and impartation of all intellectual, scientific, literary, social, artistic, creative, human rights, and cultural expressions, opinions and ideas without interference or limitation by or service to state, private, or special interests. It is also the purpose of this organization to educate the world community and be an advocate of these purposes.

We are now able to accept donations via PayPal. Monies received will only be utilized to advance our Mission Statement, and are administered at the direction of the Freenet Project Board. Monies received may be used to hire a full time programmer, purchase a dedicated server, cover incidental administrative/legal costs, and, if it becomes necessary, to fund legal defense.

We have set up a PayPal account through which you can conveniently make donations to the non-prof.

Anonymous Donations

All donations will be listed below in the "Recent Donations" section. If you prefer to make an anonymous donation, please include the word "anon" in the "Item" field.

Please click on this button to donate:

Mailing Donations

Alternatively you can make donations by mail. Checks should be made payable to "Freenet Project Inc". The address for donations is:
      Freenet Project Inc.
      2554 Lincoln Blvd #712
      Venice, CA  90291

Current Funding Status

All amounts expressed in US dollars
Current Paypal account balance: $
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  • March 2001 - New Server - $800
    We spent $800 on a new server,, which is currently running our mailing lists and a number of other utility functions for the project. Uprizer inc has generously donated an internet connection which hawk is presently using.
  • June 2001 - Our first employee! - $2500
    Oskar Sandberg, one of Freenet's core developers, has agreed to work on the project full-time for the Summer of 2001, provided that the project can cover his living expenses. Oskar estimated these at $2500.
  • July 2001 - A second hire - $2500
    Freenet Project Inc has now hired Tavin Cole to work on the project full-time for a total of two months under a similar agreement to Oskar Sandberg.


We are currently raising funds which will be used to enable additional developers to work on Freenet full-time, thus further accelerating the Freenet development effort.

Recent donations

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If you are listed here, and would rather not be, please email Ian Clarke.


Please direct any questions regarding donations to Steven Starr.

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