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Independent 3rd-party software related to Freenet


Espra is a Freenet client which is designed to allow the simple creation and maintainance of "catalogs" of information within Freenet. It is particularly designed for music and incorporates a voluntary payment mechanism.


Snarfzilla is a Napster-like client which operates over Freenet. You can also browse Freenet in an HTML browser, like Fproxy, but securely, without access to the web in the browser. It differs from Napster and other peer to peer clients because of the unique benefits Freenet offers.


FreeWeb is a stable and reliable Windows tool for the creation of websites in Freenet. It is easy to install, easy to use, and pretty well designed.


NoControl is a Freenet client for KDE that uses Stephen Hazel's libfreenet. It supports up/download, download management, and search via Steve's KeyIndex.


(Go to Software->Frost)
Frost was developed to simplify uploading and downloading to/from Freenet. Itīs written in Java and uses a Swing GUI. It works with the insert and request client from Freenet but uses threads, so it is possible to download / upload several files a time.

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