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Note: We constantly get requests of peple who want to become unsubscribed. YOU have to do that yourself! Just click on the www link provided at the bottom of every mail, enter your e-mail address in the text field in section "Subscribers" and provide your password under the unsubscribe option. (You can get your password here as well, in case you forgot it.)

Announcements (moderated)
Please sign up here to be notified of major Freenet developments, such as announcements of new releases or important bugfixes. This list is very low traffic (less than one message per month).

Support [archive]
Asking for or giving advice relating to getting Freenet working, bug reports, and suggestions on improving the user experience. Requests for help are more like to be heard here than in the other mailing hawk.

Development [archive]
Discussion pertaining to the next release of Freenet. What features should and shouldn't go in, how things should be implemented, etc. Discussions about how Freenet should be in general (as opposed to in the very next release) should go to the technical list. If you think you have a great idea for a feature or attack, read all of the documentation first, espcially the Frequently Asked Questions. The developers have little patience for repeated suggestions.

Technical Discussion [archive]
Technical issues related to Freenet, not specifically tied to day-to-day implementation. Cryptography, packet radio, related projects, suggestions for future versions, attacks on the design, etc. Anything which deals with technology and relates to Freenet should go here.

Chat [archive]
General discussion about everything else. It is generally high traffic and low signal. Join at your own risk.

CVS [archive]
A read-only mailing list to which CVS checkins are mailed. This will probably only be of interest to developers.

Documentation [archive]
Discussion of the Freenet documentation effort.

Clients [archive]
Discussions relating to Freenet clients.

Web [archive]
Discussion of the organization and development of the Freenet website and associated translation efforts.

Old Mailing list archive
On 1/1/2001 we migrated to a new mailing list server. You can find the old archives here.

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