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CVS access over the Web

This is a web interface to CVS which will allow you to view the Freenet source code - past present, but not the future.
There are actually three versions of the code at any given time:
  • Stable
    This is the last release of Freenet, combined with any minor bugfixes made since that release. This should always work.
  • Next release
    This is the next minor release of Freenet, it will contain bugfixes, and minor functionality enhancements. This should generally work at any given time.
  • Experimental
    This contains all of the crazy future ideas that will make it into the next major release. Don't expect this to work.
You can also browse the Whiterose sourcecode. Whiterose is the C++ implementation of a Freenet node.

You can also browse the other modules in the CVS repository, some of which are pertinent to Freenet development.

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