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Here you can find some links to articles and stories about Freenet. Some are more accurate than others but you can judge for yourself! If you are aware of any publicity not listed here please email the Freenet webpage team.

September 29, 2001: Digital Village Radio
Ian Clarke on Freenet
A Real Audio interview with Ian Clarke on Freenet.

June 19, 2001:
Networks promise unfettered file swapping
About Freenet's first official employee Oskar Sandberg, and a lot of other information about Freenet in general.

May 30, 2001: New Scientist
First among equals
Short article on hierarchy emerging on the Gnutella system, contrasting with Freenet's decentralization.

May 28, 2001: Doonesbury
Doonesbury drops a reference to Freenet.

May 22, 2001: Threepwood '01
A nice "small-media" article which comments on likely positive and negative reactions to Freenet.

April 26, 2001: New York Times
Punching Holes in Internet Walls
Not about Freenet, but discusses how peer-to-peer is being used to evade Internet censorship in Saudi Arabia.

April 11, 2001:
Intel, others fund Freenet creator's start-up
Somewhat off-topic - Uprizer gets first-round venture capital funding. Some discussion of commercial uses for the technology behind Freenet.

March 27, 2001:
Who is spying on your downloads?
Discusses the privacy shortcomings of Napster and Gnutella, and highlights Freenet's advantages over these systems.

March 20, 2001: Newsbytes
Freenet: Will It Smash Copyright Law?
A good article covering the conflict between freedom of speech and copyright. Has some good quotes from some interesting people.

March 10, 2001: New Scientist
Free speech, liberty, pornography: Cyber-revolutionaries are abandoning the Web to build an anarchic, censorship-free alternative.
Good balanced article on P2P, copyright, and censorship.

February 25, 2001: The Sunday Times (UK)
Speech Has Never Been So Free
Nice upbeat article on Freenet focusing on freedom of speech for a change.

February 22, 2001: The Guardian (UK)
Power to the people
Review of the O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference, including some quotes from Ian.

February 22, 2001: Dr. Dobb's Journal
Freenet Casts Wide
Fairly wide-ranging story about Freenet and its capabilities and implications, including some stuff on EOF and Espra.

February 14, 2001: Stanford University
Seminar by Ian Clarke on Freenet
The Freenet Project:A distributed decentralized information storage and retrieval system (Requires Micro$oft Windows Media player to view).

February 13, 2001: New York Times [AP]
Other Music Swapping Services
Freenet and Gnutella as Napster alternatives; also a mention of Espra.

January 2001: IEEE Computer
Face-to-Face with Peer-to-Peer Networking
Nice overview of the peer-to-peer concept from a technical point of view, featuring quote from Rob Kramer (Uprizer). Subscribers only.

October 26, 2000:
A brave new--or old--world?
"Ian Clarke: Coder with attitude." In-depth discussion of the whole peer-to-peer landscape from a variety of angles.

October 22, 2000:
How Freenet Works
A nice overview of how Freenet operates.

October 3, 2000:
Online music-traders consider Napster alternatives
How will Gnutella, Freenet, and OpenNap fare if Napster loses its case?

Aug 21, 2000: The Standard
Peer-to-Peer - We've Only Just Begun
Good in-depth article on Publius and Freenet.

Aug 12, 2000: Feed Magazine
re:Ian Clarke
A nice interview with the author of the "Cluetrain Manifesto", Chris Locke, which highlights the fact that Freenet is about much more than just Copyright.

July 28, 2000: New York Times
For Many Online Music Fans, Court Ruling Is Call to Arms
Music sharing as a cultural phenomenon.

July 17, 2000: RadioSpy
RadioSpy Interview: Ian Clarke - Developer of Freenet
Largely a warts-an'-all transcript of an interview with Ian, but gives a rather comprehesive snapshot of Ian's views on various issues..

Things have really started to heat up now. In terms of the articles below I have tried to include both articles for and against Freenet, but because of the vast number of commentaries on Freenet we need to be more selective. We will try to include a good cross-section, however our interpretation of what is an intelligent informative article will probably impose some bias by default - Ian ;-)

July 17, 2000: Independent
The irreversible rewiring of the Net
Despite the vampire-like photo of Ian, probably one of the best articles yet written on Freenet.

July 15, 2000: Internet World
Piracy's Newest Friend
Despite the title, actually not a bad article.

June 30, 2000: MP3 Summit
Ian at MP3 Summit webcast
You can find Ian's hour long talk at the MP3 Summit about 1 hour 8 minutes into the Wednesday webcast.

June 29, 2000: New York Times
Napster Rocks the Web
Mainly talks about Napster, but some stuff about peer-to-peer and a (very brief) mention of fighting censorship.

June 16, 2000: Guardian
Free market fight for music moguls
Interesting article in a British national newspaper.

June 10, 2000: New York Times
Swashbuckling Anarchists Try to Eliminate Copyrights From Cyberspace
Gives a lot of space to intellectual challenges to the idea of copyright, with quotes from John Perry Barlow (EFF) and Lawrence Lessig (Harvard Law School).

May 27, 2000: LA Weekly
Genie 1, Bottle 0
Very amusing article on Freenet and copyright. Highly recommended.

May 24, 2000: Channel 4 News
Hackers stay one step ahead
A very cool news item talking about recent attempts by the British government to censor the Internet and how Freenet will make this very difficult. Includes text and streaming video of the item.

May 23, 2000: Libération
L'anarchie est au bout du clavier
An interesting French article about Freenet, concentrating on the freedom of information aspects of the system rather than just copyright.

May 12, 2000: National Post
Napster secured page in Internet history
Interesting description of why Freenet is not vulnerable in the same way that Napster is, although I must say that their "final thought" is slightly perplexing!

May 12, 2000: O'Reilly Network
Gnutella and Freenet represent true technological innovation
A nice article concentrating, for a change, on the technical side of Freenet and Gnutella. Reasonably accurate, although it understates the efficiency improvement that Freenet should provide (describing it as of comparable efficiency to the WWW where it should be much more efficient).

May 12, 2000: Het Nieuwsblad
Vrijheid van downloaden
A Belgian article about Freenet.

May 10, 2000: Houston Chronicle
Software developer pledges to foil all intellectual property watchdogs
A version of the article below, doesn't require that you register.

May 10, 2000: New York Times
The Concept of Copyright Fights for Internet Survival
One of the better articles; concentrates on the copyright issue. Requires free registration.

April 27, 2000: PCFormat Daily
A brief article on Freenet.

April 27, 2000: Heise News-Ticker
World Wide Anarchy: Netz ohne Kontrolle
A German article on Freenet.

April 26, 2000:
Free, anonymous information on the anarchists' Net
Entertaining article with some nice quotes.

April 17, 2000: The Irish Times
Anarchy Rules Alternative Web
A rather amusing article on Freenet.

April 16, 2000: Freshmeat
Client As Server: The New Model
An interesting article discussing distributed systems and how systems like Freenet are actually in a similar spirit to the original Internet.

April 13, 2000: El País
Freenet propone una red sin censuras, alternativa a la WWW
A Spanish article about Freenet.

April 10, 2000:
Freenet's Ian Clarke Answers Privacy Questions
A very informative interview conducted by the readership of, probably the closest thing to a FAQ, aside from our faq.

March 25, 2000: ABC News
Freedom on the Net?
A rehash of the New Scientist article below, but likely to reach a much larger audience.

March 25, 2000: New Scientist
Out of control
A "big bad Internet"-style article, but it is reasonably well researched and seeks the opinions of those who might be considered Freenet's opposition.

March 23, 2000:
Ein Netzwerk, das Zensur unmöglich machen soll
A German article on Freenet.

March 14, 2000: OLinux
Freenet, a polemic concept to deal with WWW
An English translation of a Brazilian interview with Ian Clarke. Focuses on the technical aspects of Freenet, and goes into a reasonable amount of detail as to how the system works.

March 10, 2000: Webwereld
Anoniem Freenet ultieme schuilplaats voor piraten
A Dutch article on Freenet. My Dutch is a little rusty but it looks like it is primarily inspired by the Wired article below.

March 8, 2000: no spoon
Freenet : le réseau anonyme distribué qui supplantera le Web
An excellent French article on Freenet, draws an interesting parallel between Freenet and the writings of Neal Stephenson.

March 3, 2000: Need To Know
sufficiently advanced technology: the gathering
A brief but excellent article again approaching Freenet from a pro-freedom standpoint.

February 24, 2000: PigDog Journal
Get in on the Ground Floor of Freedom
A very positive little article describing Freenet and why they think it is interesting using some rather "colorful" language.

August 14, 1999: Brave Gnu World
One of the first articles about Freenet back when it was 100% theory. Still an excellent introduction to the way Freenet works.

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