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This is beta code

Freenet 0.3.x is beta code. This means that it might not work. If it doesn't work, you should send a request for help to See below for details on how to report a bug effectively.

New versions of Freenet are released regularly, often with important bugfixes. Please consider joining the moderated announcement list for notification of new releases, or check the website regularly.

Note: I have provided mirrors to these files on a different server since Sourceforge can sometimes be laughably slow. Please only resort to the mirror if you need to - Ian

This is release

How to report bugs effectively

We get numerous emails along the lines of "Freenet doesn't work!". Needless to say, such emails do little to help us improve Freenet, or to resolve problems. If you experience a problem with Freenet it is essential that you are clear as to the following information:
  • What went wrong
  • What did you expect to happen
  • What version of Freenet are you using (eg. 0.3.8)
  • What operating system are you trying to run Freenet on
  • Which Java Runtime Environment (eg. IBM, Sun, Microsoft) are you using
Remember, the more you tell us, the more help we can be.

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